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The Marvelous Misadventures of HasLab’s Giant-Man

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 7 months ago
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Kickoff: The Dawn of a Big Dream

Update: This article was written 3 hours prior to the end of the HasLab crowdfund, In a surprising turn of events, the project not only funded but got 13,889 Backers! That’s incredible! Congrats go to all the Marvel fans who backed this.

The date was September 8, 2023, when the Marvel Legends HasLab unfurled the grand curtains to showcase a project of titanic proportions. The aspiration was crystal clear: to immortalize the stature of Giant-Man (Hank Pym) in a 24-inch tall figure, painting a grand tribute to the 60-year legacy of the Avengers. With a robust target of 10,000 backers, each parting with $199.99, the expedition was geared to culminate on October 23, 2023. The buzz was palpable, and the Marvel realm was abuzz with anticipation.

Act 1: The Giant Vision

The spectacle of Giant-Man was conceived to be nothing short of majestic. Envision a towering figure with a whopping 91 points of articulation, meticulously detailed design, and premium deco. The designers left no stone unturned, offering three interchangeable faceplates and sets of eyes, enabling a vast realm of nine different configurations for displaying the figure. This wasn’t merely a figure; it was envisioned as a monument of Marvel’s illustrious journey, a piece de resistance awaiting to grace the collections of Marvel super fans.

Act 2: The Hurdles on the Road

Yet, as the narrative of most heroic quests unfolds, adversities are destined to cross paths with Giant-Man. The haunting specter of the deadline cast long shadows, and the project found itself grappling to meet the minimum backer target. The realm couldn’t help but draw parallels with the past knights in shining armor – the Marvel Legends Galactus and Sentinel projects. They had sailed smoothly towards their funding shores, while Giant-Man’s voyage seemed to trudge through turbulent tides.

Act 3: The Stretch Goal Dilemma

In an attempt to stoke the flames of backing fervor, the Giant-Man project chose to lay all its stretch goal cards on the table early on. A stark departure from the suspense-charged reveals in erstwhile campaigns. The intent was pure but perhaps the magic lay in the mystery, a charm that earlier campaigns had harnessed to perfection. As days rolled by, the sheen of early stretch goal reveals seemed to lose its luster, the fervor simmered, and the pace of backing slackened.

Act 4: The Voice of the Realm

The heartbeats of the realm reverberated through the corridors of forums and podcasts. The chatter was loud and clear. There was a yearning for something more, a little extra that could have set the world alight. The musings wandered towards the allure of a 6-inch scale Hank Pym figure or a Wasp figure. These could have been the spark to ignite a roaring fire of backing. The discourse hinted at the potential pathways that could have steered the Giant-Man campaign towards the echelons of its predecessors and kept the cauldron of excitement bubbling.

Act 5: The Eleventh-Hour Rally

As the sands of time dwindled, a ripple of support morphed into a tidal wave, propelling the Giant-Man project across the coveted mark of 10,000 backers. It was an edge-of-the-seat thriller, a cliffhanger that showcased the indomitable spirit and camaraderie of the Marvel community. Giant-Man was destined to step into the realm of reality, not amidst fanfare, but with the collective sighs of relief from 10,000 beating hearts.

Curtain Call: The Takeaway

The odyssey of the Marvel Legends HasLab Giant-Man project is now inscribed in the annals of fandom, a tale replete with aspirations, triumphs, tumbles, and tenacity. It’s a chronicle that mirrors the saga of the Avengers – a narrative of colossal dreams, spirited endeavors, and the unwavering spirit of camaraderie that defines the Marvel community. The Giant-Man project is not merely a chapter, but a vibrant tapestry that celebrates the essence of Marvel – a realm where giants may stumble, but the spirit of heroism towers tall against the tides of time.

Project available here: Marvel Legends Haslab Giant-man


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