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Unveiling Giant-Man: A Marvel Legends Colossus!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 8 months ago
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Titanic Announcement!

Brace yourselves, Marvel enthusiasts! Today’s Hasbro Marvel Legends livestream delivered a revelation that’s anything but tiny — and we’re not talking about Ant-Man’s microscopic antics.

The Giant Rises

Straight from Pym Labs, the birthplace of size-defying science and iconic foes, and the crowdfunding maestros behind Sentinel and Galactus, the stage is set for the Marvel Legends Series’ Giant-Man.

60 Glorious Years

In celebration of the Avengers’ iconic 60th anniversary, Hank Pym takes center stage. No, not as the bite-sized Ant-Man but as the colossal 24-inch Giant-Man, sculpted to perfection for the Marvel Legends 6-inch scale. A towering tribute spanning two whole feet!

Crowdfunding Countdown

This ambitious project blasts off on September 8, 2023, culminating on October 23, 2023. The collective power of 10,000 backers can bring Giant-Man’s grandeur to life, with shipments expected by Fall 2024.

Feature Spotlight

  • Diving into design, Giant-Man’s blueprint is steeped in Marvel comic tradition, showcasing a staggering 91 points of articulation (and 29 are just in those hands! Talk about getting handsy.)
  • Two alternate face plates ensure every mood swing is captured.
  • Hank Pym’s adventures from the tiny Ant-Man to the towering Giant-Man span six decades of Marvel magic.
  • A foundational member of the Avengers’ 1963 lineup, Pym’s heroics are legendary alongside icons like Iron Man and Thor.

Unlockable Upgrades

Secure 12,000 backers and unveil the Zombie Giant-Man faceplate – a delightful twist for fans of the undead. Reach 14,000, and Giant-Man transforms, channeling the chaos of the Secret Invasion with a towering Skrull look.

For the Avid Collector

  • At a soaring 24 inches, this figure dominates the Marvel Legends collection.
  • Freshly minted in a design reminiscent of Jack Kirby’s brilliance, Giant-Man parades in his signature red and blue, enriched with silver accents and intricate detailing.
  • Marking his debut in Tales to Astonish #49 (1963), this figurine encapsulates his illustrious comic journey.
  • With a whopping 91 points of articulation, prepare for the most dynamic poses and a collection that truly stands out.

Price Point Perfection

Ready for the grandest reveal? This behemoth of a collectible can be yours for just under $200. A modest sum for a magnificent Marvel masterpiece!

For all of Marvel Mightiest fans out there, It is currently available to fund on Hasbro Pulse! I’ll be ordering mine right away.


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