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Vroom or Doom? Ramen Racer’s Answer to Hasbro’s Controversial Release!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 8 months ago
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Engine of Vengeance, Déjà vu

Greetings, toy collectors and ghostly riders of the night! Remember the fiasco surrounding Hasbro’s Ghost Rider “Engine of Vengeance”? No? Well, cast your minds back to the trials and tribulations of Hasbro’s Haslab adventure. The rollercoaster of emotions. The passionate divide over pricing – which many thought soared higher than Ghost Rider’s hellfire chains. The plea for an early bird special that unfortunately didn’t quite… fly. And let’s not forget those enticing stretch goals, namely the goblin queen Madelyne Pryor and our devilishly handsome Mephisto. Despite these incentives, the campaign hit a speed bump and seemed destined for the collector’s pitstop.

Some pointed fingers at the Ghost Rider character’s tier status; others lamented the lack of specific vehicle details, particularly when benchmarked against other collectible treasures. Sounds, materials, features – oh my! And ah, the universal collectors’ lament of the notorious price hikes. All these elements combined made the original “Engine of Vengeance” a heated topic of debate in collector circles. But, here’s the twist in the tale: while Hasbro’s ride stalled, Ramen Racer’s version is all set to burn rubber and blaze new trails!

Ramen Racers gives us more for less

Fast forward, and Ramen Racer has thrown their hat into the ring! While they might not have the official license, the design of their “Engine of Vengeance” doppelganger gives a certain déjà vu. And guess what? At just $200 USD, not only is it more affordable, but it’s also jam-packed with features that make Hasbro’s version seem… souless. Pun intended.

Here’s the spicy scoop:

  • Rearview Mirrors: So your action figures can check themselves out while they’re revving the engine!
  • Accommodates 4 x 6-inch action figures: Finally, a road trip with the whole gang!
  • Dynamic Lights & Sounds: Flickering light mode coupled with those engine roars will set your heart racing.
  • Always-On Mode: Those head and tail lights? Yeah, they’re not just for show.
  • Power-Ready: Operable by USB C & a 4 Volt battery pack (sold separately) because, well, supernatural energy just isn’t practical.
  • Packs Galore: Compatible with the Inferno and Interchange packs. More the merrier!
    • Luxurious Seats: These seats got an upgrade! They now flaunt a “leather” texture, elevated headrests, and a more comfortable backrest.
    • Wheel Wizardry: Individual suspension, easy-to-remove wheels, and interchangeable rims? Wheel-y amazing, right?
    • Upgradable Trunk Hood: For those looking to soup up their ride in the future.
    • Customizable Headlights: Open or closed, you choose! Plus, the removable front grille ensures no fumbling around.
    • A Roomier Ride: A more spacious floor to accommodate those taller figures. No more cramped legs!
    • Slick Door Features: Wind down “windows” and a car door to give it that real vehicle feel.

In summary, while our memories of Hasbro’s Haslab might still be a bit raw-men (wink), Ramen Racer’s take on the “Engine of Vengeance” is a refreshing bowl of awesome! Here’s to all the collectors waiting for a piece like this. With Ramen Racer’s edition, you’re not just getting a toy; you’re investing in an upgrade!

Check them out here

So, is it time to ride with Ramen? We think so! Happy collecting!

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